Scenes with eyes, a virus and no open space – details of The Callisto Protocol

  • Glen Scofield, by
  • The Callisto Protocol and
  • creative director of the first
  • Dead Space
      , answered 83 quick questions about the upcoming project and not only that he

    set by

  • Game Informer. We chose the most interesting.Сцены с глазами, вирус и никакого открытого космоса — детали The Callisto Protocol

    Callisto (where the game takes place) seemed to Scofield the most interesting choice among the other moons of Jupiter, because scientists see a real potential for colonization in it.

  • Among gunshot weapons in the game will be pistols and rifles. Enemies will be able to attack the hero even without hands.
  • The ancient virus that infected the opponents was extracted from the bowels of the moon. Scientists who wanted to make humanity better worked with him, but in the end everything turned into a tragedy.
  • The hero will encounter 10-11 types of biophages.
  • By the way, the name of the protagonist of The Callisto Protocol,
  • Jacob, can be linked to
  • Isaac from Dead Space thanks to the Bible (Jacob was the son of Isaac).
  • Jacob’s ship crash-landed on Callisto after colliding with a group that attempted to hijack the cargo it was carrying.
  • Scofield will let players decide what kind of guy Jacob is – good or bad.
  • Scofield did not answer the question of whether players will be safe in the upgrade menu. During the passage, players will be able to visit the “outside”, but not in space. Remembering the past link The Callisto Protocol to
  • PUBG, Scofield said that the former eventually outgrew the latter. Although initially the authors looked at the popularity of PUBG and the opportunities associated with it. Scofield noted that at some point The Callisto Protocol really fit into the PUBG universe
  • .

    Resident Evil , and in the movie he noted the director

  • James Wang and deceased
  • Wes Craven . By the way, he was able to meet the latter thanks to Dead Space.

    The Callisto Protocol releases December 2nd for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Earlier, the developers told about the combat system in more detail and their own sources of inspiration

    , and also stated that they will be able to surprise

  • scary moments even for horror fans.

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