Respawn Reveals New Details About Apex Legends Season 13

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The thirteenth season of Apex Legends brings a new location to the Storm Point map, adds new opportunities to find items and brings back the popular Control mode.

The developer announced this during a developer panel about the new season. The thirteenth season is called Saviors and the most notable change is the new location on the Storm Point map, called Downed Beast. A huge monster has washed up in the north of the tropical map. Surrounding it is High Tier Loot and players can even see the monsters from the inside. In addition to the new locations, new Prowler and Spider Nests will also be added. Respawn emphasizes that PvE is important to Storm Point and wants to bet more on that.

A new way to collect stuff is also being added: IMC Armories. These are small bunkers scattered all over Storm Point. After which a team enters the bunker, the doors close and must defeat as many waves of enemies as possible. The more waves the team takes down, the better the reward becomes. The minigame lasts a maximum of sixty seconds. This kind of minigame is not new to Apex Legends, but it is the first time that it takes place in a closed environment, without danger from other players.

The wildly popular Control returns in the second half of the season. First introduced in the twelfth season, this mode lets players compete for three different zones in the map, similar to Domination from the Call of Duty games. Respawn adds an option in the updated version to join games that have already started. Previously, this option was not available and therefore teammates who left the game prematurely were a thorn in the side of many players.

Respawn also revealed some details about the mobile version of Apex Legends. That will be a standalone game with exclusive content. Players are pitted against classic versions of World’s Edge and King’s Canyon. The game will feature exclusive maps, characters, events and modes. Apex Legends Mobile is coming to Android and iOS in May.

The thirteenth season also gets a new character: Newcastle. In addition, the ranked system is being overhauled. More information about this will follow shortly. Apex Legends: Saviors will be released on May 10.

Check out some screenshots of the new season below.


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