PUBG: New State attracts 10 million users have shown preliminary interest in the game

Krafton announced today that the number of pre-registrations for the PUBG: New State video game on the Google Play Store has exceeded 10 million. This milestone comes shortly after the previous announcement that the game reached more than 5 million applicants in the first week of pre-registration. This new milestone, based on users from more than 170 countries, was reached within 43 days of activating pre-registration on the Google Play Store, with the highest numbers of registrations coming from Southeast Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and East Asia.

Krafton is preparing several games from the PUBG universe for PCs, consoles and mobile phones

Those who want to join the fight can pre-register in the Google Play store today and get an exclusive vehicle look and the latest information about the game. Pre-orders at the App Store will be available later. Krafton and PUBG Studio also announced that they plan to conduct alpha testing in selected countries in the second quarter of 2021 before launching the game in the second half of this year. Further information will be provided later.

A game developed by PUBG Studio, a pioneer of the battle game video genre and creator PUBG will be available for Android and iOS devices free of charge in free-to-play format. The game PUBG: New State represents a new concept of the original Battle Royale games, which has developed into the most realistic battle royale gaming experience for mobile devices. In addition to the most dynamic and realistic shooters for mobile devices, the game is also characterized by modern rendering technology, which pushes the boundaries of gaming on mobile devices.

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