Peter Jackson could help the authors of the “Rings of Power”, but they “cut off” the connection

The director of “The Lord of the Rings” Peter Jackson told that he could help the authors of the series Amazon , but they stopped communicating.

At first, the creators of “Rings of Power” asked the director about potential participation in the project – he replied that without familiarity with the script he could not answer such a question. And the authors of the show promised to send him scripts for the first episodes when they were ready. But that did not happen.

The scripts were never sent. That was the last thing I heard from the other side, which is absolutely normal. I have no complaints.

Peter Jackson

The director added that he wishes the creators success and will definitely watch the series. In particular, he will be happy to do this as a regular viewer, because it is very difficult to create such projects.

Amazon representatives responded to Jackson’s statements, noting that they wanted to separate the films and this “extremely respect” the director and his work. According to media sources, there were several reasons for this decision:

  • The project’s showrunners tried to contact Jackson but ran into legal trouble as the films are owned by Warner Bros.;
  • The management changed in the studio, one of Jackson’s “defenders” also left it;
      The heirs of Tolkien opposed the participation of the director – in the past Christopher Tolkien criticized the author’s tapes more than once, believing that he “fucked up” his father’s work.

    Jackson himself noted that the original trilogy would hardly go into production today, especially with him at the helm and the studio’s willingness to spend money on three films at once.

    Rings of Power will premiere on Amazon on September 2nd.

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