Microsoft is bringing consoles and computers closer together with the DirectStorage API

Games will become even more responsive, thanks to API from Microsoft and new GPUs
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

Nvidia’s new RTX IO technology allows RTX 3000 graphics cards to load data directly from the SSD, bypassing the processor. This should provide a huge increase in performance in a number of game scenarios.

But RTX IO is not actually Nvidia’s own development, as it relies on the DirectStorage API, a Microsoft application programming interface released as part of DirectX 12.

The DirectStorage API was developed for the Xbox Series X console, but is now available for personal computers, which makes the consoles and computers even more similar.

Microsoft claims that with the DirectStorage API we can expect a significant reduction in game load time, as well as greater detail and size of the game worlds.

According to the company, the DirectStorage API is the answer to advances in the development of storage systems and I / O technologies. Simply put, this is a tool to realize the potential of ultra-fast PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

The DirectStorage API is based on several principles: reducing NVMe resources used per request, supporting concurrent I / O requests that can be efficiently fed to the GPU, and finer gaming control when receive notification of the completion of an I / O request.

In general, the DirectStorage API is an opportunity to adapt games to the new realities of the computer components market, and in particular to the capabilities of ultra-fast SSDs.

Every game will need an optimization for the DirectStorage API, but given that this API is supported by the Xbox Series X console, there will probably be no optimization issues.

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