Metacritic users smashed the first episodes of Kenobi

Last week the premiere of the series about Obi-Wan Kenobi from took place Star Wars ”, however, not everyone liked the debut episodes .

The user rating of the first two episodes on Metacritic turned out to be low – 4.9 points based on 59 reviews. And critics gave the series as much as 75 points (18 reviews). Viewers, on the other hand, scold almost all the main elements of the show, except for the acting work Ewan McGregor , who returned to the central role.

The project “got” for the low level of directing, script, dialogues and so on. In addition, many did not like the actress Moses Ingram as the inquisitor Riva and some plot moves.

Spoilers for the first episodes

Users also criticized the scenes with the chases of the little Leia , whom Obi-Wan is trying to save – such scenes are present in both series, they seemed absurd to the audience. Some did not appreciate Vivienne Lyra Blair herself in the image of young Leia.

At the same time, the rating of the project on other sites is higher – 8.2 points on IMDb (more than 19 thousand ratings), and on Rotten Tomatoes the series has 88% “approval” from critics and 71% from viewers. On “Kinopoisk” Kenobi has 7.4 points (almost 2.5 thousand ratings).

The third episode of the show will be released on Disney+ on June 1 – and the series consists of six episodes in total.

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