It looks like the Halo Infinite storyline only unlocks cosmetics

Halo Infinite will not only continue the traditions of the series, but also change them in some way. In any case, such a conclusion suggests itself from another leak: the data miner Chaz The Jackal opened the rewards for completing the story campaign.

Fans of the series are accustomed to the fact that in the course of the plot they were unlocked with exclusive armor for online modes. And the more difficult the challenges and achievements were able to conquer, the more prestigious awards went to the heroes.

It seems that during the Halo Infinite story campaign, only “small” cosmetics are unlocked. The dataminer found 34 rewards, but among them were exclusively armor and vehicle colors, emblems, amulets and weapon skins, and a single pose. New equipment models do not appear among them.

There is a possibility that some files are simply missing in the available game client, and the range of rewards will be expanded by the release on December 9. But for now, it looks like you will have to get what you want through the Battle Pass.

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