Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery reaches $300 million in in-app purchases in three years

The success of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has something incredible … about magical ( yes we have really made this bad joke )! With numbers, however, there is little to joke: this title entered the world of mobile gaming with a straight leg just three years ago , exactly the 25 April 2018 and since then it has been grinding successes .

In the first week it had already reached 13 million of download and 12 million dollars of proceeds, while in just 9 months it reached the first major milestone, with revenues equal to $100 million. It took another sixteen months to reach $200 million and just another 11 to hit 300 million.

Although the best year recorded was 2018, with receipts of approximately 96 million dollars , the game never stopped recording significant increases in the number of its users and, between April last year and April 2021, it established itself in first position among the games of Adventure and Simulation, with proceeds close to 105 million dollars . How long will the success of this title last? After Harry Potter: Riddles & Magic and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, developed in collaboration with Niantic , Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery could it have reached the pinnacle of the experience available for fans of the saga?

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