GTA 6: Bad News on Major Changes

GTA 6 was announced during last year a series of very serious changes that are expected for the new game, a lot of people becoming extremely excited thanks to the news that Rockstar Games would have in preparation.

GTA 6 is not going to have even all these major changes that everyone expects, and that’s because, based on new information from a well-known leaker, it seems that the prepared changes would not include the news regarding Project Americas.

GTA 6 had announced through Project Americas a series of news related to missions that will take place in South America and target drug trafficking, etc., but according to to this well-known leaker, Rockstar’s plans would go in a completely different direction, unfortunately for fans.

GTA 6 does not reveal the differences between the leaks announced by people, and what happens now, but also because no details have been given about what the American company would like to change, so everything is once again shrouded in great mystery.

80% of the GTA 6 “Project Americas” leaks are:

– Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) March 19, 2021

GTA 6 will most likely have these changes revealed shortly before launch, as Rockstar Games he will want to increase the interest for the appearance of the game, but until then we will probably still have contradictory information about the news.

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