GTA 6: BAD News about the Launch from CEO Take Two

GTA 6 has some today Bad news about the launch, and it comes directly from the CEO of Take Two, which owns Rockstar Games, and unfortunately everything that fans hoped about the launch of new games seems to be coming out of reality now.

GTA 6 will not be released too soon because Take Two still wants to “milk” everything that is possible from the current games, but also from the old ones, recently announcing the launch of a trilogy that includes old titles offered by Americans over the years for gamers.

GTA 6 will not be released too soon, CEO Take Two recently stating that his company’s games are like movies with James Bond, meaning they have high popularity for long periods of time, but also that the launch of new games should not be rushed for them to be great.

GTA 6 is basically intentionally kept away from players because Take Two still generates f A lot of money from GTA Online, even if it is almost 10 years old, and the launch of a new title will take place only after the world loses interest in it.

“We are in no hurry to develop games that we believe are incredibly phenomenal and we also intentionally keep titles for sale for long periods of time, so that there is a constant demand for those titles, so it is a special event. I’m going to see a Bond movie because there’s no one else in two months. I will see every Bond movie and, if it is bad, I will be very upset – it will be like a personal insult because I think the IP is great. And this is the connection that Rockstar has with its consumers. ”

GTA 6 was at the center of many rumors that said there are major problems in the development process, but whatever is said about it, it is very clear that Rockstar Games’ plans are completely different from what we have known so far.

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