Dead Cells kicks off a festive six-game crossover

The other day we wrote that the creators of the roguelike Dead Cells announced the appearance in the game of “Nail” from Hollow Knight . In reality, the next, 26th patch, which was released today on PC, turned out to be much larger.

The developers explained that they wanted to make Christmas this year special by preparing a unique gift. For this, they decided to plunge into the world of indie games and created crossovers with six popular projects at once: Hollow Knight, Blasphemous , Hyper Light Drifter , Guacamelee , Skul and Curse of the Dead Gods .

Players will be able to meet their favorite characters, each of whom enters the game with their own unique costume and set of weapons. You can find them in the starting location, Prison cells. There are now new unusual rooms, and inquisitive players can find there a mysterious book. It will be available on consoles “very soon.”

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