Chinese censors asked to remove the Statue of Liberty from No Way Home

According to data of the media, the Chinese authorities demanded that the authors of the new “Spider-Man” remove the Statue of Liberty from the film , which appears in the third act “No way home” .

Considering that the final battle of the picture unfolds around the famous landmark , it was practically impossible to satisfy such a request – therefore Sony allegedly immediately refused the representatives of China.

Then the request changed, and the studios demanded that the creators put less emphasis on the structure of the monument (apparently, scenes on scaffolding and the like are implied). And the authors also had to cut out too “patriotic” frames.

As an example of the latter, the moment was given when Peter Parker performed by Tom Holland rises on the crown of the statue. The studio worked out all these requirements, but ultimately refused to apply such changes in their picture.

It seems that this was one of the reasons No Way Home never came out. in China. However, all this did not prevent the film from collecting almost 2 billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

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