Castle on the Coast coming out December 2

Publisher Klabater announced about the imminent release of the adventure retro-platformer Castle on the Coast . The game will appear on December 2 on sale in Steam and . The hand-drawn game is currently in Early Access on and can be demoed on Steam.

Above Castle on the Coast is run by lone game designer Peter Lanz. He assures that the game is already completely ready, and it will take experienced players at least four hours to complete it. Over time, the game is planned to be released on consoles, including Switch.

Our main character is a friendly giraffe George, who must reconcile two powerful wizards. And for this he will have to explore the magical Castle-on-the-shore, in which portals to the most different worlds are combined. And in cooperative mode, he will be able to call for help the flying squirrel Curl.

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