Blade Runner Remaster Coming to Consoles and PC

Remaster of the original Blade Runner by Nightdive Studios is finally out on consoles and PC (Steam ) — plans to improve the project became known back in 2019.

Initially, the game was going to be released in 2020, but then the release moved to 2021, and later to 2022. In the new edition, the authors updated screensavers, added support for HD monitors, gamepads, improved the interface, anti-aliasing and other visual elements.

In addition, the number of frames per second was increased to 60FPS and 4K support is included in the game. The project itself tells the story of another “Runner”, who needs to use detective skills to search for replicants in the world of a gloomy future.

At the same time, the nature of some NPCs changes at the beginning of each passage, so there may be different heroes – in the game there are plot choices and several different options for the final. The release of the original, by the way, took place in 1997.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch for $10 – not yet released on Steam.

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