Belarusian PvP action movie Blood of Heroes will cease to exist on May 27 – ,

The developers of the Belarusian studio Vizor Games announced that a full-fledged release of a shareware PvP action game Blood of Heroes will not take place. Moreover, the game will cease to exist.

Starting from this day, new users will not be able to register in the game, and “old” players will not be able to make in-game purchases for real money. From May 27, all game servers will be stopped, and accounts will be deleted along with all user information.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve the expected results, attract and retain a sufficient number of players. We focused on what we thought would help save the game: developing hypotheses, building prototypes based on them, testing them in playtests.

It was critically important for us to understand how attractive the game is for beginners. The community is made up of our beloved veterans who have shared valuable feedback and great ideas with us over and over again, but to save the game, we absolutely had to make it appealing to those who had never experienced it before.”

Developers Vizor Games

It is worth noting that on May 26 there will be a farewell race participation of all players, veterans and developers. Starting at 20:00 Moscow time. At the same time, the creators of Blood of Heroes will open all in-game content.

The studio also notes that players will be able to return the invested funds, provided that they were not used for in-game purchases. All communities of the game on social networks will be closed, with the exception of the YouTube channel, which will not be updated, and the Discord server, where fans of the project can continue to communicate.

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