Avengers: Damage Control – become Iron Man in virtual reality

A new promotional video has appeared on the website of The Void, which combines virtual reality with an interactive physical environment. It is dedicated to the Avengers: Damage Control game in the Marvel Avengers universe. In it, the player will be able to try on a costume reminiscent of Tony Stark’s masterpiece. The game will be released on October 18th in a limited series.

The peculiarity of The Void project is to create feedback when playing in virtual reality, for which the players are placed in the prepared rooms of a special training ground. Previously, the project was the basis for games like Ghostbusters and Star Wars VR, and now it’s time for content from the Marvel universe.

The new game was developed specifically for VR and for the use of The Void technologies, worked on it in the studios ILMxLAB and Marvel Studios. The gameplay is based on the use of the Iron Man suit, but not the canon version from Tony Stark, but a completely new, experimental development. It was invented in Wakanda, but faced with a shortage of test pilots, in the role of which the players will have to visit.

It is difficult to understand from the trailer what will have to be done and how. It is only known that the suit has received new functions that need to be mastered. The main enemy – some half-forgotten old enemies of the Avengers from the past series, who want to steal the technology of super suits. You will have to play in a team of four, who will be assisted by virtual Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Wasp and other comic book characters.

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