Apex Legends Mobile will launch globally this May

Global release of the mobile version of Apex Legends will take place this May for owners of Android and iOS.

At launch, players will have access to 10 “legends”, including popular characters like Bloodhound, Octain, Pathfinder and Rafe. A couple of classic maps were also included in the game, to which some additional details were added.

In addition to standard game modes like the same royal battle, in Apex Legends Mobile there will be a lot of new things – the authors will share the details in the coming weeks, but it looks like we should expect another special mode and the like.

Earlier, the creators noted that the project was created specifically for mobile devices, so you should not expect cross-play with the main game. At the same time, already on May 10, Apex Legends itself starts the 13th season with a new battle pass.

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