Xiaomi starts selling children's smart watches MITU Children 4G Phone Watch 5C

Xiaomi is launching a new model of smart watches aimed at children, with a high degree of protection against moisture, capable of long-term autonomous operation and providing the ability to make phone video calls. In addition, the model under the brand name MITU Children 4G Phone Watch 5C supports high-precision GPS positioning, which is one of the most important functions for children’s watches and ensures that parents constantly monitor the movement of the child.


Rubberized watch case MITU Children 4G Phone Watch 5C provides water resistance of the device when submerged up to 20 meters under water. The gadget gets a rectangular color display with a diagonal of 1.4 inches. The watch is equipped with its own speaker and microphone, a control button and a SIM card slot for making calls in 4G networks.

MITU Children 4G Phone Watch 5C is equipped with a Wi-Fi wireless communication module and a GPS module to determine the exact position of the child. The device supports XiaoAI voice assistant. Autonomous operation is provided by a 900 mAh battery and a front camera, which provides the possibility of video communication between the child and the parents.


MITU Children software 4G Phone Watch 5C allows you to track several types of your child’s activity: running, walking and cycling. The watch also comes pre-installed with several training apps.

The MITU Children 4G Phone Watch 5C will go on sale in China from June 29 at a price of about $58 (378 yuan), but you can pre-order now by making small deposit.


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