Xiaomi MI Band 6 – a smart watch with great features

Xiaomi MI Band 6 combines all the desired functions of the modern smart watch

If you’re wondering why you have a smartwatch, once you have a smartphone in your pocket, the new Xiaomi MI Band 6 will give you enough arguments to buy another gadget. The device not only inherits the successful Mi Band 5, but adds great new features to the digital lifestyle.

Along with technical improvements, Xiaomi’s smart bracelet impresses with human care – it monitors key health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure around the clock and saturation (blood oxygen level), and also offers 36 sports modes.

MI Band 6 is a smart watch with a 1.56-inch AMOLED screen, which means a 50% larger screen area compared to the 1.1-inch display of the Mi Band 5. The new screen also has a higher resolution – 152 × 486 pixels, compared to 126×294 for the previous model, and brightness over 450 nits. What’s more, you have over 130 display layouts available, compared to 100+ on the Mi Band 5.

The watch supports Bluetooth 5.0 wireless interface, has 2MB of RAM and 32MB of permanent flash memory. The 125 mAh battery charges to its full capacity in about 1-2 hours and keeps the device in standby for 14 days. A novelty in the model is the more convenient magnetic charging.

Xiaomi MI Band 6 is able to measure the level of oxygen in the blood

It is also important to note the water resistance of the 5 BandM level of the Mi Band 6, the presence of a 6-axis motion sensor and a PPG biosensor. The smart watch measures 47.4×18.6×12.7 mm and weighs 12.8 grams. Available in different color options, and the length of the strap is adjustable in the range of 155-219 mm.

The model is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 and iOS operating systems 10.0 up. Can be used with several mobile applications, incl. MI Fit APP, Xiaomi Wear APP and Xiaomi Wear Lite (iOS). The functions of the smart watch are controlled by gestures.

Xiaomi MI Band 6 has a much larger and more comfortable screen than its predecessor

More interesting, of course, are the capabilities of the smartwatch. First of all, these are the Top 3 Health Monitor features that Xiaomi emphasizes, and indeed they are especially useful for device owners. Mi Band 6 automatically monitors and records heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels and issues vibrating alarms. Thanks to this, you will know at any time what your condition is, judging by the key health indicators.

In addition, the Sleep Monitor function of the smartwatch automatically records the duration of sleep to analyze its quality, which will help you adjust your healthier regime to rest and sleep.

Mi Band 6 is also a full-fledged fitness tracker with built-in support for 36 sports modes, in practice for all types of sports – running, cycling, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, etc.

The possibilities of the device for “communicating” with the smartphone. In principle, smart watches work in tandem with smartphones and Mi Band 6 fits in best with this concept. The device will inform you, for example, about phone calls and messages.

In addition, through the Mi Band 6 You can control the camera of the smartphone, find it if you do not know where it is, and unlock it. Weather forecasts and reminders that you stay too long are also valuable.

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