Wear OS with a new chip: the first watch with real power is coming soon

With new hardware, Wear OS watches are finally gaining momentum again after years. The first device of the Ticwatch series should appear soon.

Wear OS has become more intuitive in recent years, but the hardware under the hood was sometimes several years behind. Qualcomm then finally presented a new Wear processor this summer that is said to be up to 85 percent faster than its predecessor and brings many other improvements. We are still waiting for the first watches with this chip, it will probably start in autumn.

Wear OS is finally gaining momentum, at least the hardware

Mobvoi wants to use this new Wear 4100 for its new Ticwatch, now there are a few more details on the targeted market launch. The next Ticwatch Pro 3 was briefly listed on Amazon for around £ 300, the market launch was initially dated October 1st. The watch was announced three months ago, but at that time the manufacturer hardly gave any details.

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