U.S. Navy unmanned minesweeper UISS declared operational


Unmanned ships continue to actively replenish the ranks of the US Navy. According to the USC Unmanned and Small Combat Ships (PEO) Program Executive Office, on July 22, the new Navy Unmanned Minesweeper (UISS) was declared operational.

The minesweeper was developed by Textron Systems. It is a self-propelled semi-autonomous vessel designed to search for underwater mines by acoustic and magnetic methods. When ready, it should replace the Navy’s Avenger minesweepers and MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopters. It will be launched from the board of warships to clear sea communications from mines during various missions.

The UISS is equipped with a diesel engine. The maximum range is 140 km, the time resource is 20 hours, the payload is 1.8 tons, the speed is about 40 km/h. Several sonars are installed on board the device. In addition, it is equipped with a mine elimination system and surveillance sensors, which allows the ship to simultaneously detect mines and determine their class.

Source – US Navy

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