TESTED: Playing with Android Razer Kishi finally makes sense

There are not many gamepads for Android, and the quality ones from well-known companies are like saffron. That’s why we had high hopes for Razer Kishi, that can turn most Androids into a Nintendo Switch-style gaming device. What are the pros and cons of this gamepad?

Compact compound form

Several gamepads have passed through our hands, and none of them seemed as fine-tuned as Razer Kishi. In a compact form, it doesn’t take much, forget about the rails or the strange folding structures. Just snap both parts from the back, they are held together by a thick rubber. You insert a smartphone between the two parts and you don’t even care about any wireless connection. There is a USB-C connector on the right side of the gamepad, which immediately connects you to the controller, so you can start playing immediately.

Klepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázek
The folded and disassembled form of the gamepad. When you insert a phone between the two parts (here specifically the Galaxy Note10 +), you have a device quite similar to a game console in front of you

The gamepad is universal, it generally fits a phone with dimensions up to 163.7 × 78.1 × 8.8 millimeters. In practice, compatible phones include selected Samsungs (Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 +, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 +), as well as second, third and fourth generation Pixels and also Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2. Due to its large thickness, you can’t insert the Galaxy S20 Ultra into the gamepad, and due to its height, even the Galaxy Note20 Ultra does not fit into it. You can remove the rubber sleeves, but in that case you risk damaging the display and the back cover.

The edges of the gamepad are rounded, so the gamepad holds comfortably and does not sweat in the palm of your hand even during longer games. The left part has a D-Pad and an analog lever, the center of which is clickable. The accessory has one action key and the Home button, which returns you to the home screen.

Klepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázek
View of the left and right part of the gamepad, on the back you can see the rubber that holds both parts of the gamepad together

On the right part of the gamepad there is again an analog lever and four game buttons (X, Y, A, B) as well as one function key. The front view shows the USB-C connector, which you will not use to connect headphones, but only to connect the charger. The gamepad uses the battery from the phone, so you can charge inserted phone directly via USB-C. There are also double LT and RT triggers available on the back, but they are quite “deep” when pressed. You will get used to them after some time. The rigidity of the remaining controls is normal, but the vibrating response to clicks does not occur.

Compatible games are easy to find

As is the case with gamepads, their popularity stands and falls on supported edges. And while we found compatible games with previously used gamepads using the popular “trial and error” method, this time all we have to do is download the application.

Klepněte pro větší obrázek
In Razer Kishi you can verify the connection of the gamepad, compatibility with installed games, and you can also use it as inspiration for downloading other games

Razer Kishi App will show you which of the existing games are compatible with the gamepad, or you can be inspired to download others that are compatible with the game controller.

Klepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázek
Dungeon Hunter 5 and Brother in Arms 3 will immediately show you what the individual buttons do when loading the driver

After playing with a gamepad we can divide games into three categories. At the top we can include games that are listed with the gamepad as compatible, and at the same time the connected controller will recognize and show the layout of the buttons, or allows you to map different game actions to individual controllers. You can often see the corresponding keys on the Gamepad directly in the game layout for touch elements. Examples are Fortnite, Brother in Arms 3, Black Desert or Dungeon Hunter 5. Once you learn what each button does, you’ll be at home. However, in action games there can be a problem with accurate aiming of weapons, because the left analog lever sensitivity often can not be adjusted.

Selection of the most famous games compatible with Razer Kishi:

  • Fortnite
  • GTA (Chinatown Wars, GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas)
  • Shadowgun
  • Black Desert Mobile
  • Batman: The Enemy Within
  • Minecraft
  • Asphalt 9
  • Real Racing 3
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Angry Birds Go

The second group of games includes those that are compatible with the gamepad, but you will not know what each button does. You have to figure it out for yourself. And this applies, for example, to the games ARK Survival, Lineage II Revolution or Order & Chaos 2. You will grope from the start, and sometimes it even seems that some buttons are not mapped at all. Sometimes you have to use a touch on the screen for a game action, which is a bit counterproductive with a connected gamepad.

Klepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázek
ARK Survival and Lineage II Revolution work with a gamepad, but you have to come up with the mapping of individual buttons yourself …

The third group are games, which may not be compatible with the gamepad, but it may happen that they will work fine with the gamepad. However, this is not the case with the popular Call of Duty, which can only connect to Bluetooth controllers, so the game cannot be recognized by Kishi connected via USB-C. So rather take the list of supported games in Razer Kishi as a basic springboard, and if other games you play are compatible with the controller, take it as an extra bonus.

Klepněte pro větší obrázekCall of Duty Mobile je tady! Hratelnost je skvělá, k utrácení peněz vás nikdo nenutí

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