Sports car SSC Tuatara accelerated to 475 km / h in a segment of less than four kilometers


A fierce confrontation continues among sports car owners for the right to be called the fastest. At the moment, the leadership belongs not to a professional racer, but to a dentist and philanthropist Larry Caplin and his swift SSC Tuatara hypercar with a capacity of 1450 hp. With. manufactured by the American company Shelby Super Cars.

The record run took place on the runway of the Kennedy Space Center, where not so long ago the legendary NASA space shuttles landed. Its length is 3.7 km, with the last 1.1 km falling on the braking zone.

However, initially it was not about setting a record, just a test run was planned. However, just in case, Racelogic VBOX GNSS measuring systems, a GPS navigator and a video recorder were still installed in the cockpit.

SSC TuataraSSC Tuatara

record speed of 475 km/h, managed to slow down and successfully complete the race.

To finally secure a world speed record, Kaplan will have to get all the necessary permissions to re-run, but this time on a stretch of highway in the Nevada desert.

SSC Tuatara

Source – SSC


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