Snapchat camera has learned to recognize different products and recommend recipes from them

Snapchat has an innovation: now the built-in scanner of the application recognizes different types of products when you point the camera at them, and suggests recipes with their content. Food Scan is the name of the latest update that already helps users to recognize clothes, plants and dog breeds.

If you scan any food item, the recommendations will drop recipes containing it and a link to the Wikipedia article about that ingredient. Snap has partnered with Allrecipes to recognize over 1,200 product names and offer over 4,500 recipes. At the same time, the range of recipes varies from unpretentious to very sophisticated.

Like many visual search apps, Food Scan isn’t always error-free. For example, the shapeless ginger root can completely confuse the scanner, and instead of gingerbread, the application will advise virtual reality glasses with a game of escape from reptilians.

Snap recipe is also not suitable for packaged foods. Snapchat has a special scanning feature for packaging items that you can use to read about the composition of the product and its features, but it will not help you figure out what to do with a random can of canned food. But even with these nuances, Food Scan is a useful function if you do not know what kind of fruit was picked up on the beach or I just want to cook something new.

Source – Engadget

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