Released instructions for converting iPhone to USB-C connector (video)

In mid-October, a student at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland) Ken Pillonel presented the result of his five-month work – the world’s first iPhone modified for a USB-C connector. The stages of work on the transformation of the port in the iPhone X smartphone Ken presented on his own YouTube channel Kenny Pi.  At the same time, he promised to publish step-by-step instructions for reworking the iPhone in the public domain. The enthusiast kept his promise and posted on Github the complete manual, blueprints, and technical documentation needed to customize the iPhone port. for the modernization of high-tech gadgets. Do not forget that the author of the project is a graduate student of one of the most prestigious technical universities in Europe. At the same time, Ken spent about 5 months on re-equipment.

On his YouTube channel, Pillonel presented a video that describes the technical details of converting an iPhone to a USB-C port. During the work, to convert Lightning to USB-C, the expert had to experiment with many wires and connectors, redesign the Apple C94 connector and make a new board to work with the USB C connector.

The world’s first iPhone with USB-C is listed by an enthusiast on eBay, where today for him are already offering $ 14,900. A full technical specification of the original PCB design for the modified iPhone connector will be released at the close of the eBay auction (11/11/2021). In the future, Pillonel will continue to work on the project and plans to increase the efficiency of fast charging, increase the water resistance of the smartphone and implement support for the iPhone via USB-C of various technical accessories.

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