PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for PS4 makes pro gaming accessible

More and more manufacturers offer so-called Pro Controllers; customizable controllers with additional buttons or ‘pedals’ on the back. PowerA offers a secure yet versatile option for PS4 and PC with the Fusion Pro Wireless Controller.

With the Fusion Pro Controller, PowerA ticks all the boxes for a premium controller. For example, the matte black controller comes standard in a sturdy-to-the-touch cover, in which you can also neatly store all parts together. With four analog sticks (two classic versions, a raised one and a rounded version), a ‘racing clip’ and even anti-friction rings for the analog sticks, there is plenty to experiment, but the most important part is the detachable Pro Pack with the pedals.

Keep everything under control

These programmable pedals really give you an advantage in competitive games. You can assign any button on the controller to the pedals. For example, you can duck, reload or change weapons in a shooting game, without taking your thumbs off the analog sticks for a second. Especially in combination with the adjustable triggers, which you can adjust so that you do not have to press them as far as possible, you are noticeably faster and more agile when a fraction of a second can be decisive.

The pedals can be adjusted at any time. So even if you conclude in the middle of a multiplayer game that you prefer to jump with your left ring finger instead of reloading, you switch that way. If you want less than four different actions under your fingers, you can also remove pedals or even click the entire Pro Pack off the controller. Then you cannot accidentally press buttons. Because although the pedals strike a nice balance between responsiveness and resistance, you really have to be aware of those extra buttons under your ring and middle finger. If you don’t need them, you better take them away. The included analog sticks are slightly more flavor and personal. The raised stick gives a bit more precision, but the race clip (where you put your thumb, so to speak, so that it can never slide off the stick) and extra anti-friction rings feel a bit like filling the box. Thanks to the magnetic front plate of the controller you can at least easily change the different analog sticks.

On the large side

Unlike some other Pro Controller variations, the other buttons are not adjustable. There is nothing wrong with the buttons themselves; they feel responsive and even the four-point push button, a weak bot on many controllers, clicks well. But due to the size and somewhat angular shape of the controller, the Options and Share Buttons and even the touchpad are not quite accessible with your thumb. This is not a problem for the majority of games, but the top shoulder buttons are not ideally positioned either. Because the triggers have a fairly deep depression, you actually have to move your index fingers up just a little further than comfortably in order to be able to reach them properly. So if you need a shoulder button a lot, it might be smarter to program one of the pedals for it.

Perfect for specific games

So you could say that the Fusion Pro Controller is designed for a very specific type of games. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and the non-slip rubber back, the controller is rock-solid in your hands: your thumbs lie perfectly on the analog sticks, your index fingers fall exactly in the depression of the triggers, and your middle and ring fingers lie exactly above the pedals. In fast shooting games you quickly have all the buttons you need under your fingers at all times. As soon as you are used to the new configuration, you can be just a bit faster than your opponent with this controller and that feels very good. Also nice compared to the DualShock 4: the battery lasts about twenty hours. If you want to exclude input lag or an empty battery completely, then the controller can also be connected to the PlayStation 4 with a USB cable. The three-meter USB cable will be long enough for most people, and feels sturdy. Moreover, the cable is secured in the controller with a clamp, so that you cannot accidentally pull it out. The controller also works wired on a PC, including pedals. Keep in mind that the controller on the PlayStation 5 only works with PlayStation 4 games. Unfortunately Sony always requires you to use a DualSense for PS5 games.

If you really take competitive games seriously, the Fusion Pro controller is an excellent buy. After all, the controller makes you noticeably faster and more agile. Although the controller seems very versatile, thanks to the included accessories and the detachable Pro Pack, it is unfortunately just a bit too bulky to replace the trusty DualShock for every game.

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