PocketBook Color: A reader with a color display is a tempting idea, but…

PocketBook Color is an e-book reader with a color display and the fundamental question is: What is it good for?

With a diagonal panel 6 “, dimensions 16 × 11 cm and weighing 160 grams belong to smaller and lighter readers. The plastic body is vulnerable and if you intend to read other than in your own duvets, I recommend buying a case. Too bad it’s not in the package. The body is not waterproof, as is a habit of some higher models of the brand.

Přepněte na černobílou. Vyzkoušeli jsme obří čtečku PocketBook InkPad X

16 GB memory is more than enough for books. Perhaps only if you embark on large audio files, a microSD card slot may be useful. The connector is an older micro USB, which seems a bit inconsistent, the InkPad X for example has a more modern USB-C.

Colors at the cost of compromise

Controlled by a combination of buttons and touch screen, and in both cases it takes patience . The speed of reactions is typical for this type of electronics, ie very low. After some commands, you will wait a few seconds. The system understands countless formats of books, documents, pictures, plays music and audiobooks. The headphones are connected either via the adapter (included in the package) or via Bluetooth.

In the application folder there is access to several online services, coloring books and games. One of them is a card solitaire, which PocketBook also puts into black-and-white readers, but only here does it make sense with colors. The colors also show off the web browser , but it’s still so slow that if you have a smartphone in your pocket, you simply won’t use this.

Pět fotek, ze kterých mi poklesla čelist. Foťáky v mobilech už dávno vidí víc než lidské oko…

The display scares you into dark tones at first, but just activate the backlight and the situation will improve quickly. White brightens, colors are muted, pastel, very suitable for melancholic illustrations. Even with backlighting, battery life is measured in weeks.

It’s worse with resolution. The display has two layers , the lower monochrome has a fineness of 300 DPI, over which the color is stretched by 100 DPI. All you need is a single color element on the page and you’re falling for a lower resolution. Although Color renders a black-and-white page at 300 DPI, even smooth font shapes cancel out the top raster. This model simply lags behind in terms of image quality.

Where to get content for PocketBook Color

In the final therefore depends on the content . The PocketBook store offers color content, but for most audiences it is rather irrelevant. You can buy a nice color comic and send it to the reader from any store, but it will probably not be easy to read on a relatively small display. Color is great for fairy tales – the parent reads, the child concentrates on the pictures. But the question is, how many such books can you find.

PocketBook Color is a beautiful piece of technology, but in practice it is difficult to find a use for it. Personally, I would rather buy a quality reader with a monochrome e-ink for the same money.

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