iPad celebrates its 5th anniversary

Первая презентация iPad

This day was certainly remembered by the first owners of an unusual gadget from Apple with huge queues and incredible excitement after the historic presentation of Steve Jobs. The most incredible rumors and assumptions about an unusual novelty circulated everywhere. And now 5 years have passed.

Only in the first two months, 2 million devices were sold, and in total in 5 years this figure exceeded 250 million. Apple competitors during the year could not recover. Netbooks, which occupy an intermediate position between desktop computers and laptops, have been hit particularly hard. They were replaced by a unique hybrid of a computer, an e-reader and a smartphone. Очередная новинка Apple

Nevertheless, over the past 5 years, passion for the iPad has subsided a bit. According to the data received, recently their sales volumes have decreased by 18%. This is especially true for models with large screens. Очередная новинка Apple

The past five years has become a time of new achievements and technological breakthroughs. The spirit of leadership and tireless creativity instilled in Apple by its great creator lives on and continues to bear generous fruit. Очередная новинка Apple

Очередная новинка Apple

Newer models such as the iPad mini with Retina display offer more features and modern design. The next generation of the iPad and a whole line of “smart” watches will soon see the light of day, which the language cannot even call hours. They are Очередная новинка Apple smart.

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