Huawei Watch Fit is a watch with 80% function, but it costs only 40% of the money

Smart Watch Huawei Watch Fit builds on the same platform as last week’s tested Watch GT2 Pro , but they are significantly cheaper. Where was the savings and what will you get for your money

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What’s missing

First, let’s list what the GT 2 Pro has and the Watch Fit model lacks. It doesn’t have a speaker and a microphone, so it can’t make phone calls. It also lacks memory for music and you do not connect wireless headphones to it. The battery is smaller, so instead of 14 days it lasts only 8. The lower price can also be seen on the materials. That’s where the GT2 Pro boasts sapphire, titanium, ceramic and leather, Fit has tempered glass, plastics and a silicone strap.

The more expensive model charges wirelessly and works with standard wireless phone chargers. The cheaper type has a magnetic connector on the USB cable. The square model has a single button, the round one adds another, to which the user can assign any application. Barometer and compass are also missing.

What is the same for both models

On the contrary, the LiteOS operating system is the same, which determines the character, control method and function of the watch. You do not install applications here either. Here, too, notifications from the mobile phone are passive (there is no way to react to them), but they are just as reliable and work immediately – as with the more expensive model. Even with the cheaper model, it is not possible to synchronize the measured sports activities into established services such as Endomondo or Diet.

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The Fit model is also waterproof and can measure swimming. It has an equally beautiful AMOLED display with bright colors and even though we have a watch right next to it, we wouldn’t even say that the square one has less subtlety (325 vs 462 PPI). Measures blood oxygenation (SpO 2 ) and heart rate, has GPS , gyroscope and accelerometer. It measures countless sports activities (we only noticed a missing profile for Golf), has training programs, automatic sports detection, monitors sleep activity, etc.…

Who will suit them? In the pictures, the Huawei Watch Fit looks like an elongated Apple Watch, which is probably why we were surprised that they are actually smaller – something between a bracelet and a watch.

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And maybe that’s the target group. The Huawei Watch Fit watch is a great opportunity for someone who used to have a simple fitness bracelet and now wants to move it up a level.

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