Google to deliver advertising for Netflix

Netflix has changed its mind internally and now wants to focus on advertising. However, not for all subscribers. A cheaper package is planned, the costs of which will be offset by advertisements. This should make Netflix more attractive, because the competition is strong and there are many customers with smaller budgets.

The plan now seems to be in place. Netflix can no longer avoid such a package. In addition, similar packages are already available today and will be available from the competition in the future. That’s why Netflix is ​​already in behind-the-scenes discussions and exploring opportunities.

Roku, Google, and other companies are potential partners for Netflix

Netflix already has several ideas. One of them could be the acquisition of Roku. This would make it possible to launch your own streaming sticks on the one hand and to take on a team with experience in the advertising market on the other. According to

CNBC, Netflix is ​​also already in talks with Google.

Google achieves the most of its own Earnings from the huge advertising networks. This includes AdSense, which provides advertising material for websites like ours. Google also has a wealth of experience monetizing video footage through YouTube. Perfect for Netflix.

Google with a lot of experience thanks to YouTube

Netflix emphasizes when asked that the information is about around Roku and Google are just speculation. But they make it very clear that they are actively working on ad-supported options behind the scenes. Results should be available by the end of the year.

“We are still in the early stages of deciding how to introduce a cheaper, ad-supported option , and no decisions have been made yet. So this is all just speculation at this point.”

Disney+ is planning an advertising option and also Paramount+ (soon in Germany) already has such a package on offer. It can be assumed that this idea will be used by other streaming services in the future.

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