Google Maps: 3 strong innovations for the Android app – a big surprise here


Google Maps is getting new functions again. We have been waiting for one of them for a long time, a third innovation comes as a surprise.

In the days before this article, a few new features emerged that will soon be integrated into Google Maps or are already available to users. The Covid-19 layer has already been officially presented and rolled out, another optional layer for the Google Maps Android app, which provides regional information at a glance about the status quo of the pandemic. This innovation should now be available to all users, an app update does not seem to be necessary.


Google Maps is rolling out the dark design

There is already a night mode for Google Maps, but so far can only be used for navigation. Now there is an innovation that completely wraps the app in a dark robe – only at the request of the user. Darkmode (dark design) arrives on the devices with the first users, they report with screenshots. It’s only a matter of time before the dark theme is officially available to all users. We don’t seem to have to wait much longer.

New car mode surprised everyone

Given the planned driving mode for Google Assistant probably nobody expected this function. In fact appeared now but with the first users a new car mode for Google Maps. Interestingly, Google donated the Maps app for mobile devices not only a few revised graphics, but its own homescreen with access to other phone functions, podcasts, messenger apps and much more. Very similar to what Android Auto actually offers so far.

Google had not commented on this so far, the car mode was not to be expected and not announced. It seems that Google would have abandoned the driving mode for Assistant before it was released and is now taking this new route. 





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