Google has officially released Fuchsia OS on its own devices

Nest Hub devices first received Fuchsia update
(photo: Google)

The long-awaited Fuchsia operating system, considered an alternative to Android, now runs on real devices made by Google, namely – the first generation Nest Hub for smart home.

As of today, Google begins to offer an update for the owners of the first generation Nest Hub, released in 2018, announced The Verge . This update will not change any of the features of Nest Hub, but the device’s smart display will work with the Fuchsia operating system instead of the Linux-based Cast OS used before.

Fuchsia became known back in 2016 as an ambitious, experimental user interface. Later, Google began internal tests with many devices, covering the full range of devices for the company’s smart home and chromebooks. The operating system is advancing and has recently entered a stable release schedule.

The Fuchsia-based update for Nest Hub will be released in the coming months. Given that the interface and user experience will remain unchanged, the owners of Nest Hub probably won’t even notice that they’ve switched to Fuchsia OS.

It seems that Google moves cautiously with the introduction of Fuchsia, which will take months as the change of operating system in Nest devices does not is a simple update.

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