By voice: Alexa resurrects the dead

Okay, now it’s getting kinda too much. There are movies about repeating dead people. They then live a second life as a kind of robot. Amazon plans to do this for people’s votes. It has just been announced that Alexa will be able to take over voices from people in a certain way in the future.

“We are undoubtedly living in the golden era of AI, where our dreams and science fictions become reality.”

“In In the scenario presented at the event, the voice of a deceased loved one (in this case a grandmother) is used to read a bedtime story to a grandson.”


Amazon is able to produce very impressive results from just a minute of an original recording. But there’s no telling when this new technology will actually arrive in real life on our Alexa speakers. Maybe the project will be rejected again, which I can well imagine for reasons of piety.

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