Bugatti will launch a premium smartwatch models

World renowned car manufacturer Bugatti announced that it intends to launch a series of three models of Bugatti Ceramique Edition One smartwatches: Pur Sport, Le Noire and One Divo. Like the company’s cars, these are luxury products with over 1000 parts made from the most advanced materials.

According to the developers, the watch will help its owners to do 90 sports, as well as monitor heart rate and VO2 Max (maximum oxygen consumption). The smartwatch is equipped with a GPS function for monitoring lap and acceleration while driving a racing car on a track. The OS for the watches was developed by specialists from Bugatti and VIITA, and a special application for Android and iOS connects them with any phones.

Часы Bugatti

Manufacturers guarantee a two-week autonomous operation of the watch from a single charge. Each model is equipped with a 390 x 390 pixel full color LED touchscreen and can be immersed to a depth of 100 meters.

Часы Bugatti

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