Ballistic missile “Tochka-U”. Characteristics, photo, performance characteristics

Комплекс Точка-У

Creation of the missile tactical complex “Tochka” (predecessor of the missile “Tochka-U” ) was initiated in March 1968 by a decree of the USSR Council of Ministers. The country’s leadership has set the task of creating a high-precision missile with modern characteristics to destroy small-sized enemy targets. The development was entrusted to the team of the Kolomna Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, headed by Sergei Pavlovich Invincible.

S.P. Invincible miraculously matched his surname, creating a weapon of victory that had no equal. His track record includes anti-tank missile systems “Bumblebee”, “Malyutka”, the first Soviet MANPADS “Strela” and its subsequent modifications, MANPADS of the next generation – “Strela” and “Igla”.

С. П. НепобедимыйTochka Development Manager

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Engineering Design Bureau headed by him created a new type of weapon – the supersonic ATGM “Shturm”, “Ataka” and “Chrysanthemum”. Later, on his initiative, the Tochka and Oka missile systems were created and the development of the Iskander missile system began, work on which had already been completed by his students.

From “Point” to “Point-U”Точка-У

Tests of “Point” continued 5 years, and in 1976 the complex was put into service. He could hit targets at a distance of up to 70 km with a possible deviation from it within 250 meters. At the same time, the design bureau began to create a modified version of the complex – “Tochka-R” with a passive radar homing head to combat enemy radars.


However, soon from « Tochki-R “had to be abandoned, but work on updating the elements of the complex continued until 1989, when the first Tochki-U began to enter the troops.

Readiness for any war

The Tochka-U complex is a “universal soldier” ready to fight and win any war. Its 9M79M and 9M79-1 missiles are “sharpened” for several types of warheads at once – nuclear (up to 100 kt), high-explosive fragmentation, cluster, as well as warheads with poisonous substances. In any of the above options, when hit, the object is subjected to complete and guaranteed destruction. Compared with the original version, the range of the missile has increased to 120 km.

Rocket and its characteristics

Of course, the main “actor” of the system is a single-stage solid propellant missile 9M79. Its dimensions are 640 x 65 cm (length, diameter). Of the two tons of the total mass, approximately 500 kg falls on the warhead. The rocket is accelerated by a single-mode solid-propellant engine that burns about 800 kg of fuel during the flight (up to 28 seconds).

Модификации ракет 9М79

The flight is controlled by inertial guidance system based on 9B64 gyroscope and 9B65 computing device. The Tochka-U does not provide for the separation of the warhead at the end of the flight. The missile dives at the target almost at a right angle, which guarantees high accuracy of destruction.

Launch Complex

Полноприводная самоходная усановка

“Tochka-U” is very mobile, thanks to the 6-wheel all-wheel drive self-propelled unit 9P129 with a 300-horsepower diesel engine. On the highway with a full combat load, the installation calmly accelerates to 60 km / h. Off-road and water obstacles that she overcomes afloat at a speed of 10 km / h are not a hindrance to her.

Launch of 9M79M rocket

To launch from readiness No. 1, a crew of 4 people only needs 2 minutes, and for a crew making a march, this standard increases to 16 minutes.

С. П. НепобедимыйParticipation in conflicts

Воронка от ракеты в районе Донецка Rocket crater near Donetsk

“Tochka-U” managed to make war in the Chechen Republic, in South Ossetia in August 2008. Cases of the use of the complex in the south-east of Ukraine by the Armed Forces of Ukraine were noted. Tochka-U was used by the Syrian government forces against the Islamists.

Tochka-U continues its service. It was decided that gradually, as the service life expires, the complexes will be removed from service and replaced by more modern Iskanders.

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