Artificial intelligence painted famous rappers in the spirit of the great artists of the Renaissance

Рэперы Возрождения

We admire the creations of the past. The works of Rembrandt and other masters of the brush fascinate many centuries after their creation. And recently, enthusiastic researchers conducted a fun experiment. Using the “magic” of a neural network, they decided to see how portraits of modern rappers could look like if they were taken to paint by famous artists of that era.

The result was presented on the Dalle2Pictures Twitter account. Here and earlier, the creative works of AI OpenAI DALL-E 2, created to generate images from written text, were published. Now there are celebrities like Kanye West and Sean Corey Carter (JAY-Z) looking like they posed for Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci.

Рэперы Возрождения

It is interesting that a powerful neural network is not directly related to their creation. All the work was taken over by the new tool. It greatly expands the capabilities of neural networks. Thanks to him, portraits are much more realistic and detailed. They convey the mood and character of the people depicted well. If you do not know that they were originally created by a computer program, then it will not be easy to guess about their “artificial” origin.

But it wasn’t just for fun. The developers intend to improve the algorithms for processing and generating images. If everything goes according to plans, the neural network will have a chance to bring its owners a considerable income – paintings in the style of the “Golden Age” of painting will certainly be in demand and popular.

Source – Dalle2Pictures

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