Apple Opens Sale of iPhone Self-Repair Parts

Apple’s long-term struggle against self-repair of branded smartphones is moving to a new level. Apple has decided to lead and organize the home or unlicensed repair process and has brought self-repair kits to market.

Apple’s proprietary program is called Self Service Repair and provides tools, parts and instructions for home iPhone repair.

Phase 1 will release self-service kits for iPhone12 and iPhone 13. Next, Apple plans to expand the program to Mac computers with M1 processors. Users will be able to independently replace the screen, battery and camera on the iPhone.

The development of the Self Service Repair program will allow Apple to gain a foothold in the smartphone repair market. To the already existing service for the sale of original spare parts for the iPhone to third-party repair services, the possibility of purchasing self-repair kits will be added.

Apple, meanwhile, declares that repairs can only be performed by users who are experienced and qualified to work with high-tech devices. According to iFixit experts, such clauses may result in material limitations on Apple’s warranty coverage.

Apple today announced plans to produce over 200 parts and tools for self-repair through the Self Service Repair program, which is scheduled to launch early next year. The price of parts and tools has not yet been disclosed.

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