Almost officially, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Active 4 will run Wear OS

The first time rumors were circulating that Samsung would return to Wear OS was as far away as 2018, when its employees were spotted wearing watches with the Google operating system and not Tizen. Reports have surfaced recently that the company’s next smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Watch 4, will eventually run Wear OS.

Now a teardown in the company’s wearable app confirms this information. According to the sources, a new code name appeared in the code, “water”, and a reference to “newos”, indications that this device may be running Wear OS.

The code also contains and the code name “merlot” which is considered to belong to the chipset that will have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Active 4 which is expected to be released in 44mm / 45mm and 40mm / 41mm models, with LTE and Bluetooth versions.

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