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You may have already heard about the new “killer” StepN – Amazy from the famous “businessman” Sergey Kosenko. Our team learned about the project a long time ago, and I personally didn’t have any doubts about it, we were definitely not going to invest, we just watched how it developed from the outside. But recently, I came across the opinion of a colleague who singled out the large mass adoption that Amazy is creating as a plus for the industry.

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It’s hard to argue with that , indeed, more people will learn about cryptocurrencies, but there is one big but. When these people lose their money (and why, they will lose it, we will tell you now), their faith in crypto will disappear completely, and given the scale of the impending scam to the reputation of the Russian crypto industry, this could be a serious blow. Therefore, we considered it important to publish this article.

We analyzed the project on all the points that we highlight for ourselves as reference points and which we constantly tell our readers about, and at the end of the article you will find a link to the training manual, in which our guys discussed in detail how to analyze Play-to-Earn projects and not run into such a bug collection, which we will talk about now. And also we will answer the question: “How much does the scam of the CIS people expect?” , because the financial time is so difficult.

What is Amazy.

This is a fitness app with game elements where you will get tokens for the covered distance recorded by GPS. In general, the idea and mission are a complete analogue of StepN, which

we wrote about here.

You are invited to buy one of the 4 types of sneakers, which in turn differ from each other in the level of maximum energy and permissible speed, with which the movement is counted and converted into a token.

Game mechanics. Source –


In general, little has been said about the tokenomics of the project. There is little information about how the incineration will be carried out, but the feeling is that this is an inept whitepaper written off from the Australian pioneer.

Description of tokenomics. How the Amazy team earns. Source –

We only take a small percentage of some actions within the application, such as NFT trading, minting and renting sneakers

Considering the audience of hamsters Kosenko collects, we can conclude that the founders have well mastered the well-known principle:

“If a million people donate 1 ruble each, none of them will become poorer, but I will have a whole million rubles”

Project tokens.

AMT – analogue of GST in StepN. It will also have unlimited emission – we will earn it while walking. We will not dwell on the mechanics of earning, they are all on the screen below, nothing innovative is provided here.

The second token is an analogue of GMT – AZY, with a total emission of 1 billion .tokens – information on the token is not publicly available, as is the whitepaper on it, but there is information that it will be possible to buy it on IDO.

Both tokens will be developed on the network BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Project team.

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who sold hundreds of millions worth of useless information products in collaborations with other bloggers and just a good guy Sergey Kosenko .

The main message that he carries to his subscribers is that everything is real and possible if you set a goal, and the direction of the content, as is customary call – “successful success”.

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Artyom Nikolaev. Azur Games or Azur Games Interactive has existed since 2017. The studio deals with free-to-play mobile mid-core and hyper-casual titles. Her projects include Full Metal Monsters, World War Heroes, Pocket Troops and Homo Evolution.

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A young entrepreneur from Omsk , the founder of the Like business community, will talk about how to make money without leaving your home, what difficulties you should remember and what cryptocurrencies are better to invest in. By the way, the franchise from Holding Like was acquired from Ayaz Shabudtinov .

Hmm, already three of four leaders, and so far who have no experience with blockchain projects, in principle. Well, Artyom Nikolaev makes good toys, but the connection with Web 3.0 is weak. Probably, a person with the position CTO will resolve our doubts, for those who are not in the subject Chief Technical Officer is a technical director, one who is responsible for all the processes of working with codes, algorithms, for interaction with blockchain networks, and for many other important things. Let’s see.

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Personally, I have never had no problems finding information about a person in the crypto industry in open sources. But this guy was in trouble. We managed to find only the fact that in 2018, he and 6 other people were not allowed to attend a crypto conference in Kyiv.

As for consultants from those who are somehow connected with the crypto industry I only recognized Vladislav Martynov, he worked as an independent developer at Microsoft, worked on the YOTA PHONE project, and since 2017 has been an advisor to the Ethereum Foundation.

Social networks.

Having passed the item with the team in my checklist, I decided to dig under social networks.

Let’s start with twitter. 87 thousand subscribers, of which only 37 thousand are not bots. Checked by our IT friends, who have no reason not to trust. Of the interesting accounts, TRUST Pad.

The Discord-server has 65 thousand users , of which only 5 thousand

are active and online

In addition, for all marketing canons, to ensure the highest coverage, Amazy is in all social networks. This is a Telegram channel, and Instagram, and TIK-TOK, where without it, there is also a YouTube channel and an account on Medium.

Project audience and differences from StepN.

StepN can grow because they have a name in the crypto community. They won the Solana hackathon, attracted the largest institutional investors, who, in addition to funds, gave them their connections and added authority. Let’s take an example. StepN recently announced the launch of their DEX exchange


Thus, the team expands its sources of income. Firstly, all fees associated with transactions in GST and GMT will remain within the ecosystem, and secondly, more people will use DEX than play StepN, other crypto enthusiasts will swap their coins on it, both due to the popularity of the project, and and due to collaborations with well-known brands within their metaverse (inside which, by the way, commissions will also go to StepN). That’s what I talked about in the first article about StepN.

– The cash flows that any crypto project creates can be redistributed, subsequently the project can gradually competently shift the NPV flow towards receiving funds from advertising contracts or any other related business. (For example, if StepN starts producing their own brand of sneakers that will be bought not for crypto, but for real money, and for their purchase they will give bonuses in the game (thus encouraging users to buy), they will receive a completely new stream of NPV, not related to with token). Thus, new funds will always come in, new users will come to the game, and the capitalization of the token will grow.

Amazy, on the other hand, can only expand through the influx of new users just because their favorite blogger does the same. And there is a great danger in this. Remember the moment when there was the first collapse of StepN ( forbade the Chinese to go )? So, the aggravating factor here was precisely the fact that bloggers began to throw off their sneakers, and all this to a huge audience, which also sold everything in a panic.

And I do not think that the audience, for example, these girls in the screenshot below, declared on the Amazy website as partners, understands crypto better than the audience of the same Booster. They simply do not know the specifics of the market under which they play. They have no idea what a bear market is, and that even fundamental cryptocurrencies can sink by 15-20% in a day, and more speculative assets, such as move-to-earn projects, by all 90%.

Amazy Partners. TIK-TIK artists. Source. –

I think the first In the same round of a bear market, everything can collapse. In a period when there will be a sufficiently large audience in the project, and it will be there, I am sure that any speculation in the crypto market can lead to the end of the project.

Funds and institutional investors.

When I was already drafting the article, I thought for a long time whether to single out this sentence as a heading. On the one hand, this is one of the elements of analysis, and on the other hand, there is absolutely nothing to write here. The creators of Amazy do not have any reputation at all among the crypto community, Kosenko is more called a scammer and an info gypsy, which is why they did not attract any large funds and investors.

How much will we be skunked for?

But what Kosenko definitely has is an audience of bloggers from the CIS who are a little “hungry” for their commissions due to monetization restrictions on many platforms and the outflow of advertisers due to the current political situation.

To buy the sneakers according to the announced information you will need 100 dollars. If we take the entire total audience that the project can potentially gather at the Pre-Sale, we will get the figure of 246 million

Instagram. 129 million

TIK-TOK. 65 million

YouTube. 33 million

As well as celebrities and artists with a total audience of 19 million people. Plus, some mega-celebrities were announced, but so far there is no information about them, they are not of interest to us.

Let’s reduce the total figure by four times, given that many users are subscribed to several influencers at once and we get 123 million people. Let’s take the minimum conversion of the heated audience of Amazy partners on Instagram, TIK-TOK and other social networks. networks and make simple calculations. What did we get?

If everyone takes even one sneaker, the project will earn at the start of sales $65.5 million. I understand that Kosenko does not live in poverty and “makes” money well on info products, but such a figure will cause indignation even among Do Kwon, the founder of Terra Luna.


In addition to everything already said, the main emphasis in the Road Map (road map of the project) is on fundraising activities. I don’t know what kind of community can be gathered with such an approach to its members, but we will watch the development of the Amazy project together. Our verdict – don’t invest in Amazy.

“You can’t participate in hating”. And where would you put a comma. If you hate every blockchain project at an early stage, then the attitude of the masses towards the crypt will never change, but not to promote technologies at the same price. Yes, and there are big doubts that promotion is at the forefront here, and not stuffing one’s own pockets. Are there those among our readers who believe that this mass adoption will benefit the crypto community?

Dear readers, we do not encourage you to join either StepN, or Walken, or Step.App, or other Move-to-Earn projects. The “move and earn” trend, of course, will still “thunder” everywhere for some time, but, in fact, it has already fulfilled its mission – this is the launch of blockchain technologies to the masses. Do your research, analyze, take into account your risk management and invest only those funds that you are ready to lose. And how to analyze projects correctly, read in our educational material, as promised, manual “How to analyze Play-to-Earn-projects”.

PS Our Telegram -channel, there we give a lot of educational material about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and NFT.

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