Who invented the very first personal computer in the world and in Russia


Many developers working in different countries contributed to the emergence of the very first complex computer. This complicates the answer to the question of who invented the first computer in the world. Definitely, the first invented PC was a breakthrough in the field of technology, and therefore this topic deserves special attention.

First computer in the world – what is it?

In the 40s of the last century, several computers functioned at once, which can be called the first. However, back in 1822, the inventor Charles Babbage released a calculating machine, which, with a big stretch, can be called a computer. Already in 1941, IBM, with the participation of mathematician Howard Aikson, developed and released an improved Mark 1 machine (according to the drawings of Charles Babbage). This is the first programmable device in the United States, which was used to develop military equipment.

Other inventors also claimed the role of the creator of the first computer:

  • Konrad Zuse is a German developer who in 1939 created a machine that was called the Z1. This is the first electromechanical device designed to calculate the aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft. МЭСМ
  • Alan Turing – developed the famous machine, able to decipher the codes of the German apparatus “Enigma”. The British built more than 200 of these computers, each weighing 2.5 tons. МЭСМ John Atanasoff – American engineer managed to invent the first fully electronic installation in 1942. The machine was capable of solving linear equations and was even recognized as the “first computer” by the US judiciary in 1973.ЭНИАК
  • John Mauchly – in 1946 developed a powerful electronic computer ENIAC, designed to calculate ballistic tables. These operations were previously performed manually by humans. The machine was able to perform similar calculations 2600 times faster. МЭСМ

    Precisely ENIAC is considered the first full-fledged computer, which is a fully computing device. The British had analogues, however, by order of Churchill, information about them was classified, and the machines themselves were destroyed. The ENIAC computer was bulky and inconvenient to use, programming was carried out by switching cables.


      So who invented the first computer?

      Charles Babbage, who was fond of computational sciences from a young age, is usually called the ancestor. Based on many years of work, he invented a mechanism capable of performing additions using the difference method. His design consisted of many bulky gears.

      Programma-101Charles Babbage

      The device, by applying decimal numbering schemes, gave an accurate result within a minute. The developer Charles Babbage was rewarded for his work with a British subsidy, the total amount of subsidies was 17,000 pounds. This money was used to modernize the apparatus, but there was not enough funding to complete new projects.

      Summarizing in answer to the question of who invented the first computer, the first on the list is Charles Babbage, the inventor who developed the project of a mechanical device. Also contributed:

      • Konrad Zuse – developer of the first electromechanical programmable apparatus .ЭНИАК
      • John Atanasoff – developed an electronic non-programmable computer.

      Alan Turing – created a universal technical scheme. МЭСМ

    John Mauchly – designed the first computer. МЭСМ

  • John von Neumann – described the architecture (information storage device), which has become the basis for all modern computers. МЭСМ

    Who created the first computer in Russia?

    Soviet developers first designed a computer in 1948. Professor Lebedev came up with an electronic calculating machine, 20 engineers and 10 assistants participated in the design.

    The domestic car occupied an area of ​​60 sq.m. So many lamps and cables were present in its design that the machine generated too much heat when it started. Engineers even had to take apart part of the roof to allow fresh air to cool the components. What was the name of the car? Pretty straightforward – MESM.


    The computer mechanism was capable of performing up to 3 thousand calculations per minute. 6 thousand lamps with a total consumption of 25 kW were built into the design.

    What did the first computers look like?

    “MARK 1” was long 17 meters, height over 2 meters. The machine had a steel frame, the weight of the computer was 4.5 tons. The total length of wires exceeded 750 km. ENIAC weighed over 27 tons and consumed an average of 170 kW of electricity.


    The first desktop PC looked less intimidating and fit comfortably on the desktop. Programma 101 was designed by Italian Pier Giorgio Perotto and was used to calculate the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.



    In one century, computer technology has made a tremendous leap and continues to develop. Who knows when neural or quantum computers will appear, but according to forecasts, this will happen quite soon.

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