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Crypto enthusiasts not only speculate with cryptocurrencies on price changes, they are actively looking for opportunities to purchase real assets for a crypt without the need to once again convert it into fiat money.

In many countries, including Russia, the sale and purchase of goods for cryptocurrency is not provided for at the legislative level. However, if in the legal field the cryptocurrency is considered as a digital asset, and not as a means of payment, then a barter exchange of a digital asset for a real one is possible. Platforms for such an exchange already exist and the range of goods is growing.

What is in demand among cryptans? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

Mining equipment

Despite the rise in electricity prices, as well as the popularization of Proof-Of-Stake, mining remains a very profitable way to invest your money. If at the same time you live in a country with cheap electricity and a cold climate, this is all the more an interesting option.

Forbes writes that BTC infrastructure now requires almost 139 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year to maintain, which even exceeds Norway’s annual energy consumption.

In addition, during the bear market, prices for mining equipment fell, but just enough to make their price attractive to crypto enthusiasts. In March 2022, for example, WhatsMiner M30S cost $2500, now its price is about $2200 on average. If you buy mining equipment, then it is in the intermediary market.

Cold wallets

Hardware crypto wallets are another logical option. Hacks and locks are common in the crypto world, and cold storage is one of the most reliable ways to protect your assets.

Computer technology

Cryptans are often a technically literate audience, and against the backdrop of geopolitical upheavals, good computer hardware can become scarce and will be very expensive. Video cards, processors, hard drives – everything will come in handy!

High prices may scare the buyer, but modern life is unthinkable without computers, especially when it comes to crypto traders. This is not an investment tool, but an essential product, one way or another they will buy it.

Goods for men

Finder conducted a study of the US crypto market in 2021. As a result of this study, they found that 32% of the men surveyed use cryptocurrencies, while among women this figure is only 15%. This means that you should pay attention to men’s clothing, shoes and accessories, perhaps even survival goods. You should not forget about women’s goods either – men often spend money on gifts from investment profits.


The hype around NFT has died down a lot lately, but this is not a problem with the technology itself. The problem is that the scope of non-fungible tokens is much wider than just digital art. And the hype of 2021 created a strong association between NFTs and pictures (digital art) in the minds of the mass audience. can be used in any area – in transport, real estate, finance, etc.

And if anyone is the first to realize this, it’s precisely the crypto-enthusiasts.

But also artists should not be discouraged – after all, they can sell T-shirts, mugs, etc. with original prints. NFTs need to be closer to reality in order to be in demand.

Real estate and transport

For those cryptans who were able to get rich on crypto-trading or mining, the issue of mastering profits becomes relevant. Buying real estate and transport is the best solution for realizing large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

The dream of any crypto is to buy an apartment or a car for cryptocurrency. Here the issue of transfer of ownership is important. To make your property or vehicle attractive, you need to provide strong legal guarantees. Any platform will not work here, here you need to look for a fully functioning platform in the legal field that has been accredited. The exchange of cryptocurrencies for real estate is possible through barter transactions.

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