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Fuad Fatullaev CEO & Co-founder WeWay

〰 WeWay is

web 3.0 community driven ecosystem for bloggers, celebrities and media personalities that offers learning with Learn-to-Earn mechanics, Play-to-Earn games, exclusive NFTs and a new digital community to their subscribers.

🪙 WWY token is a

highly utilitarian and highly liquid WeWay ecosystem token, which is the main interaction tool in all our products.

In less than 2 months, listed on 5 exchanges (including Tier1 exchanges), made a 1400%+ increase since IDO and increased our Holder Base from 3.000 to 50.000 + users🔥

The project has 3 main products:

• crypto academy WeAcademy

• IDO Launchpad WePad

• find-to-earn game Mad Backpacks

All products are united by the “Do something” to Earn mechanic (Learn, Move, Find, and so on) and are designed to ensure the maximum utility of the WWY token and the possibility of a constant income for our holders.

One of the main goals of WeWay is to create the most in-demand and effective cryptocurrency training from scratch for beginners, and we are already moving towards it!

Find-to-earn game Mad Backpacks

in the picture backpack #23

The team of game devs and designers shared some of the interface developments 😍

This is the first photo of the finished application and the first real picture from the game. The first exclusive information 🤫

The team makes the best product on the market 24/7! Very soon Mad Backpacks will conquer the Tops, just like other WeWay products 😏🚀

Staking v2.0

August 1 WePad launches Staking v2.0 with double reward and no lock-up period 😱🔥

Due to the upcoming announcement of IDO and numerous requests from the community, we decided to add new and improve the current functionality of WePad in the new v2.0 staking contract!

The following functionality will be implemented in the update:

🪙🪙 Multi-token reward – upon completion IDO will become it is possible to receive a double reward for staking – in WWY tokens and project tokens.

🔓 No lock-ups – upon request from the community, there will be no lock-up in the new release period in staking, which means you can stake and unstake your tokens at any time convenient for you.

🔁 Staking Transfer – now you can transfer staking positions to another wallet , With keeping all bonuses.

♾ Restake deposit – when you deposit new WWY, stake rewards will be automatically staked along with the deposit – this functionality is aimed at optimizing gas costs.

📥 You will have the option to return erroneously sent tokens – if you accidentally sent other tokens (not WWY) to the contract, we will be able to return them.

⌚ Your staking time required for the Tire bonus will remain. This means that the bonus counter for 30 days of staking will not be reset when transferring to Staking 2.0.

WeWay has been completely updated tokenomics 🔥

🔜 burn 30% from the full emission, 3 billion WWY tokens, which is 75 million dollars at the current rate

For 3 years, burning will be carried out every quarter. In total, 30% of TTS (Total Supply) will be burned

A deflationary model is being developed for all products, pre-Buyback & Burn (buyback from the market and burning)

How is it beneficial?

1 Burning allows you to use resources that can negatively affect the price of the WWY token. Go to the open market to reduce the total number of tokens=make your tokens more valuable

2 Holding WWY will become more profitable, more tokens will be burned.

By the time the bull market starts again, it will be millions, tens of millions of dollars, which means that the value of your tokens will grow 📈

3 The Fully Diluted Market Cap is decreasing, which will positively affect the interest of funds and Tier1 exchanges in the project (the next key step on the way to Binance)

✔ We have moved away from the “ecosystem for creators” model and now

can burn the Creators fund (1 billion tokens) to make the WWY token more sustainable ⚖

🔥 Burning details:

➖ Every quarter on the 1st, tokens for the previous one will be burned

➖ It is planned to burn more than 30% of Total Supply in 3 years, i.e. 3 billion tokens

➖ Burning will be non-linear. The number of burned tokens will multiply every quarter

– that only 22,000 people, but soon the whole world will talk about us!

You always need to approach with a cool head and deeply analyze each project where you invest your money. But what the WeWay team is doing is really fascinating, and personally, I, and many guys from the chat, give their feedback and get high from what is happening. We really create a friendly and powerful community. Against the backdrop of a cool and strong project, which has a lot of products that will give you the opportunity to earn money and live for yourself in pleasure! Indeed, here we must pay tribute to the whole team and management for such daily work. You always need to give feedback, suggest what and where can be improved. We wanted an updated WePad – we got it! We wanted to launch the CBT game, it is already in full swing (I am also participating, and I want to say that this is just space, the game will soon be in the tops) And so, brick by brick, we will definitely make a project together #one. Friends, we are at the very beginning. And after a while the price can be completely different. $ 1 is not the ultimate dream, but it is painstaking and hard work!

There is no point in a single pump and dump, organic strong growth is needed 🔥🔥🔥The most important thing is friendship in the team. Special thanks, I want to say Fuad Fatullaev, CEO & Co-founder of WeWay. You charge the whole team with your steady and confident movement forward, despite all the difficulties and difficulties in the market. You make the best product on the market, which will actually give the most important thing, more important than money – this is knowledge that will ultimately make a profit! I went to the intensive, went to play Mad Backpacks, earned tokens and staked on WePad. You get passive income! This is the best on the market, and we will be with you on Olympus! We deserve the best because we are the best!

A family. Gang. Hugs!!!

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