TZ APAC and Singapore School of Computing to Launch Blockchain Curriculum

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TZ APAC has announced a partnership with the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS Computing) to establish a Center for Excellence computer skill. Led by NUS Computing Professor Tan Sun Teck, the new center will train industry experts in areas such as blockchain, data science and cloud computing.

Recently appointed TZ APAC CEO Colin Miles stated that in a few years blockchain and Web3 curricula will become an integral part of secondary and higher education. According to him, the center will hold blockchain courses for students every week and will become part of one of the most advanced IT schools in the world.

NUS now offers one of the most in-depth blockchain programs available, targeting both newcomers and industry professionals – CEOs and middle managers . Similar programs are offered by Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Oxford University and other renowned Western universities.

According to Miles, the trend to launch Web3 and blockchain training programs will become massive as more jobs are created in the industry and educational institutions are required to train professionals to meet the demand in the labor market.

The head of TZ APAC noted that Singapore is now leading in terms of institutionalizing education in the field of cryptocurrencies and Web3. In the near future, according to the expert, almost all students in the country will one way or another study blockchain and related technologies.

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