The composition of the audience section “Crypto”. Poll – Crypto on

Dear subscribers of the “Crypto” section, let’s do a roll call to understand the composition of our general audience here. Please vote below:

How would you describe your experience in cryptocurrency?

I am an investor. I sometimes buy individual coins and keep them for the future

I am a beginner trader. For now, I’m just draining

I am a beginner trader. I earn something

I am an experienced trader. I earn steadily

I’m not trading yet, I’m just looking and learning

I don’t trade and I’m not going to, I’m just interested in the topic of the crypt

I don’t trade, I don’t intend to, I come here to read about the crypto to laugh at you “traders” and “crypto-investors”

Other (write in the comments to the post)

I mine cryptocurrencies

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