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What yesterday still seemed FUDom, a little later reinforced by facts :

3/ 我們 stpn 將 一如既往 地 致力於 提供 更 好 的 體驗 及 產品 合規性 我們 對 為 您 造成 不便 表示 抱歉 感謝 的 理解! stepn 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建 創建起 就 沒有 在 中國 大陸 從事 任何 業務 也 未 提供 下載 管道 。Stepn 歷來 合規 義務 , 嚴格 遵守 當地 監管 機構 相關 要求。。


The STEPN App announced that as of July 15 stop providing services to users in China. Against this background, the GMT governance token has fallen by 26.6% over the past 24 hours.

Plus, we can see that there is a boom in pools in STEPN, and sometimes these pools collect not quite experienced “comrades”. What happens next?:

More sneakers hit the market. Those who collected funds from investors should return profits faster, as a result, they throw crosses into the market below the floor so that they sell faster.

as a result, GMT and GST are well poured, thereby making a cheaper entry, and a longer payback. which is not like, and everything that was banned in China at first fell heavily, but then recovered. With STEPN most likely it will be so. Yes, income will drop several times. But we continue to see total interest from users.

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