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The PancakeSwap DeFi community powered by BNB Chain has supported changes to tokenomics, the key of which will be to limit the supply of the CAKE management token to 750 million coins .

In favor proposals received 98.8% of the votes.

The PancakeSwap team said the proposed upgrade would “increase the profitability of IFOs and profitable farming of blocked CAKEs.” The developers plan to implement the changes “in the near future”.

At the time of writing, there are over 296 million CAKEs in circulation. It is planned that the issue of the entire volume will end within three years.

The business developer of the project under the nickname Chef Icy noted in a comment to Cointelegraph that this period is a conservative estimate based on on the issuance of 14.25 tokens per block. In reality, due to regular burning, the effective emission per block is about 10.5 CAKE. Based on this, a full release would take about 4.5 years, Chef Icy estimated.

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