Let's fix the death of Terra and $UST – Crypto on vc.ru

After three days of dying convulsions, the blockchain Terra decided to stop it, as announced on Twitter. But there are chances that the network will be restarted. Doo Quon’s ingenious rescue plan turned out to be just words to delay death – this has never happened, and here it is again.

Before this inglorious death, over 6 trillion coins were created on the last day $LUNA – rate $UST held until the last. Well, how they kept it – barely, trying to save at least some value, so that the big players had time to save at least something .

It’s funny that before the delisting on Binance for $10, you could buy hundreds of coins, there was a pair of $LUNA there for some time /$BUSD:

Is it possible to resurrect the network? It is not known, but there was message that the Swiss fund GAM Holding intends to provide Terra $2 to $3 billion to save $UST and the project as a whole. However, this was followed by a rebuttal. One way or another, there are a lot of projects in the Terra ecosystem, it would be stupid to lose all this when you can buy it for pennies. And this can happen.

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