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This article is the final in a series of three articles in which we will give a personal perspective and opinion on how we plan to buy back the bottom. In this article, we will put everything together and sum up the general result.

In the first article, we analyzed the auxiliary indicator. You can read the article here. In the second article, we analyzed two main indicators, you can find them in here. Now let’s move on to the strategy.

So, the easiest way to pay off will be a long fall in BTC, decadent moods and a daily burial of BTC. Then we will watch Hash Ribbons and wait for the first buy signals. Most likely, under such a scenario, the signal will be given at the required levels, as it was earlier in history in December 2011, January 2015 and January 2019:

In parallel, we will turn to an auxiliary indicator from the first article to make sure that we draw the right conclusions. On this indicator, the bottom of the market showed around the same dates:

Well, then everything is simple. We hold BTC right until the Pi Cycle moving average crosses, this indicator has always worked perfectly:

Okay, what if Hash Ribbons shows a buy in the very near future, because apparently, we haven’t found the bottom yet? Yes, right now we can see Hash Ribbons showing a get ready signal, which hints that we will see a blue buy signal soon. And yes, if this happens, we believe that the bottom has not yet been found, but in this case, you can enter on the spot in BTC, but not on the full dep, and carefully pull the stop, since we already saw a similar picture at the end of 2021 . BTC gave +60% after this signal, after which Pi Cycle did not cross, and we rolled down. Let’s wait for the next signal, and then we will make a decision. It is worth sensibly assessing the existing realities, and you should not rush anywhere when buying BTC in the long term. In the wild west of crypto, before you earn, you should learn not to lose. Although here everyone has their own path, and alas, no one will go through it instead of you. these signals? from BTC dominance. How it will happen this time, we cannot assume, and it will not be very reasonable to attach BTC dominance to all of the above. Here we are only talking about BTC.

So, in short:

1) When, after a long debilitating fall and accumulation of the market, Hash Ribbons shows a blue signal to buy, feel free to take it and hold until the Pi Cylce signal.

2) With an unobvious market day and a blue buy signal from Hash Ribbons – buy carefully, for a part of the deposit and pull stops.

3) We use an auxiliary indicator from the first article to make sure that we are on the right track.

And of course, we take into account all the existing realities of today. A lot of $ has been printed in the last two years. History still does not have to repeat itself, no matter how much we would like it.

In conclusion, it remains only to say – always conduct your own research and make informed and reasonable decisions.

Thank you for your attention and stay tuned ❤

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