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What determines the price and what is the value of NFT. We think critically

Ethereum on PoS is a centralized system at its ugliest

In 2022, the millennium hoax unfolds! Some pseudo-crypto-enthusiasts loudly call the transition of Ethereum to PoS a flight into space in the world of cryptocurrencies. It would be more correct to call it the crime of the century, to thunderous applause. Although, if you look, not so many people applaud this. A small, far from poor, part of the crypto community…

An alternative to traditional deposits – can investing in cryptocurrencies help you save money?

Cryptocurrencies warm the planet. What future awaits miners in connection with the growth of claims against them for environmental reasons?

The future of NFT in Russian marketing

The NFT market (non-fungible tokens) is one of the most controversial in the field of cryptocurrencies. NFT tokens are often compared to financial pyramids, and there is a lot of talk about their uselessness and unjustified high cost. Nevertheless, blockchain technologies inevitably enter all kinds of spheres of life and business, so a modern marketer needs to …

Mining on hard drives in 2022

I want to make a reservation right away that my article will not be another publication of a hater, viciously mocking the miners who have invested a lot of money in promising Chia mining and ended up with nothing. A lot of this has already been written. I just want to offer an alternative opinion for those who are already mining or thinking about it.

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