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📌 Crypto exchange is an online platform where you can
— buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies,
— track cryptocurrency rates,
—trade cryptocurrency using various trading tools and strategies.
An exchange is a market where one sells and the other buys. If the participants agree on the price, the transaction will take place.
The cost depends on supply and demand. If the number of those who want to buy a cryptocurrency is greater than those who want to sell it, its rate increases.
❕ Cryptocurrency exchange, according to the principle of operation, is similar to the stock exchange, which is familiar to us.
Various assets are sold on the stock exchange: government currencies, stocks, bonds, ETFs, gold.
And on the crypto exchange, the main asset is cryptocurrencies.
How to start using the crypto exchange?
one. Choose a crypto exchange.
Study its conditions: the cost of commissions, methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, the convenience of the interface. Make sure it is reliable.
2. Create a personal account.
Enter standard data and pass verification.
Verification is a confirmation of identity using a photo document and a selfie. Verification gives security to you and other users.
3. Add money to your account.
Now, due to sanctions, replenishment of the account from Russian cards is difficult. Crypto exchangers and p2p come to the rescue. We will talk about them in the following posts.
4. Buy your first cryptocurrency.
Trading tools will help you. We will introduce you to them soon.
The main ways to make money on the crypto exchange:

one. Trading
Earnings occur due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Principle – buy low, sell high .
Important: trading is not a “stock market game”, but serious work with a thoughtful analysis of charts. The analysis allows you to “guess” which cryptocurrency will rise and which will fall in price. You need to track courses and make decisions quickly. But it is worth learning to earn significant amounts.
2. Investing
Earnings are due to the growth of the exchange rate.
Principle: buy reliable and profitable cryptocurrencies and multiply investments in proportion to the growth of their value.
The difference from trading is that you can hold the currency for a long time, you do not need to constantly monitor the exchange rate and sell sharply. You can wait and see the increase in the long term.
3. Cryptolending and staking
Earnings occur on interest for the use of your cryptocurrency by a crypto exchange or other platform.
Principle: You deposit cryptocurrency into a separate account in your wallet and receive % for storing it in this account. It is similar to the usual bank deposit.
Profit depends on the % set by the site and the amount of invested funds.
✏ Still have questions? Write in the discussions, we’ll figure it out together.

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